I spy something hot pink in Berkeley

You know, there's just not enough of this color in the world.  When we went to London a few years ago (three years to be exact...how time flies when you reproduce) I remember being struck by the frequency with which I was able to spot this usually elusive hue in an otherwise, frankly, kind of gray city-scape.  Hot pink on buses and taxi cabs:

In entrances to art museums:

And on outdoor cafe umbrellas (don't these make you want to shake your hips, just a little?):

The other day I realized (and I forget now what I saw but believe me when I say whatever it was it was hot pink) I've been seeing more and more of this color.  Perhaps reconciling the loss of my hot pink Razor (at least my Blue Tooth is still magenta) with the spontaneity gained from having the kind of connectivity I now have with my Samsung Galaxy (an Android phone, naturally), I thought it would be fun to document hot pink sightings. 

First up, then, in the parking lot earlier today outside the Paper Source in Berkeley, this mysterious building next to the AmTrak train station:

The entire building is magenta - it's pretty rad. I would've ventured closer but as you can see, the building is surrounded by a pay parking lot.

PS - You can read more about my thesis related travels here.

PPS - And don't worry.  I'll be sure to dress up my boring black smart phone with a cozy that will definitely include a little hot pink. Or animal print. I'm not sure yet...

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