fresh from the Makery: you will celebrate Halloween and you will like it!

For some reason, every year Halloween rolls around I have good intentions of adding seasonal products to my stationery shop, but every year I seem to lack inspiration.  I don't know if it's Halloween itself or something about this time of year, but after spending a good hour trying to figure out what kind of invite (wedding or otherwise) I could create with some screenprinted spider web patterned scrapbook paper I have in stock, I threw in the towel and made a few cards instead.

This is the paper in question. Good stuff, right? But what the heck do I do with it?!  Ooh, I know - I'll put a spider on that there web by embroidering some spider legs and using a metal brad for the body!  I also made a bookmark (for actual books that people no longer read) that I'll add next week, with another bookmark project I've been working on for. ever.

For the rest of the cards, I used flat orange 4bar cards and folded black 4bar notes plus purple envelopes that I already had on hand, plus some Halloween scrapbook embellishments my mother-in-law gave me last year (after Halloween, I might add).  The thing is, while I embrace the scrapbook paper and tools in much of my paper crafting I'm not so big on scrapbooking itself.  Too much effort for one or two pictures, you know what I mean?

Five little pumpkins!

And last but not least, my favorite, three black kitties. I like these cats. They're quiet and leave me alone, unlike my cats.

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