word of the day: kerkuffle

Last night, as I caught up on Facebook, Twitter, and Glee, simultaneously, I came across a tweet from one of the folks I follow via about four different accounts that sparked my interest since I'd caught a glimmer of something brewing over at Etsy about a recent featured seller interview. It's taken me awhile to wrap my brain around what's going on, working my way backwards. Today, I've been perusing the Etsy forums and news blog and read this post, which is obviously, but not directly (they've yet to issue a direct statement or apology about essentially featuring a distributor), in relation to the interview and resulting kerkuffle. Etsy now describes the seller/shop as a "collective," since the seller supposedly works with a half-dozen or so, first-name-only "carpenters." 

Now, don't get me wrong, I love me some Etsy. I do a fair amount of shopping there and, of course, make my meager living thanks to how easy the site has made it for me to begin and grow my business. But thank God for Regretsy at times like these, right? If you're curious about the latest kerkuffle (is the shop a "collective", which itself poses some interesting questions for the site, or is it a "reseller", which is a whole 'nother bag of worms?), I suggest you read Regretsy's series of posts on the topic, in this order: whoa, then the who and the what now?, then un-freakin'-believable. It will rock your handmade world.

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Jolina said...

I am just shocked! Keep us updated. I want to know what becomes of it all.