national doughnut day!

Today is one of my two favorite holidays - National Doughnut Day, not to be confused with National Donut Day. I'm sorry, you're questioning the need for two days we get to celebrate dessert for breakfast why again?

Anyway, remember that time we visited three donut shops in one day in a quest to find the best donuts when visiting family in Bend, Oregon? That was fun. I think I'm still trying to lose the weight I no doubt gained on that trip.

I thought about doing something equally insane today - hitting up Dick's Donuts in East Oakland first for the best basic donuts in town, then Donut Savant in Uptown Oakland for the best not-so-basic donuts (their "cron't" is simply heavenly). I could've also made a stop at Doughnut Dolly for the basically-overpriced-but-okay-yeah-they're-pretty-good custom-filled donuts. But instead I stopped after Dick's because I needed a little time to craft a "tardinut" (that's a donut that looks like a tardigrade. Obviously.).

And, you know, work. Sigh.

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