pandemic diaries: weeks 6 & 7

Harold and the Purple Crayon

On the other side of this thing? As much as I wish that were true, no sir. And we keep chugging along, grateful for jobs we continue to perform from home, our health, and just 4 weeks left of distance learning...for now, at least. Here's what else we've been up to, this 6th and 7th week of shelter-in-place.

Printed this and put it on my fridge. Particularly poignant right now. My only edit to the idea of "idle parenting" would be chores: have your kids help you clean the house.

Made it to level 5 in Yousician (piano). If you have an instrument to practice right now I highly recommend it, especially if you need to force yourself to stop thinking about the world for ten minutes.

Finally explored Zoom backgrounds.

Did some - okay, a lot - more pandemic baking.

Participated in Kelli Anderson's folding workshop. I believe she plans to add a couple more workshop options later this month. Buy the kits here.

Feeling super grateful for our backyard studio/office right now, with both of us working from home, etc.

Cleaned out my closet and hung a few prints that I had matted & framed in the pre-pandemic era (but hadn't gotten around to actually hanging).

Restocked the hot glue stick and sock inventories.

Used some of that hot glue to make this gem shadowbox, while listening to this (the City Arts & Lectures convo between Miranda July and Jenny Odell).

In other studio time I started another "pandemic pillow." Both are somewhat tied to the 100 days in the dollhouse project.

Marked the first anniversary of my podcast with...well, nothing, other than a couple of social media posts.

Snuck in a rather pleasant outdoor excursion this weekend (complete with face coverings and social distancing measures, of course), in addition to early morning runs and our daily neighborhood walks.

Turns out I'm crepuscular. And who wouldn't be with these Oakland sunrises and sunsets? Bring it, week 8!

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