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I'm not feeling terribly bloggy today, but it's been a week. Lots has happened. Turkey was eaten, &c. So here I am. I'm distracted by my cat meowing for food (it starts getting dark around 3:30 lately, which really throws off his internal clock mechanism) and the oil heater guy cleaning vents in the basement. Sounds like he's in the floor. It's a little unsettling, actually...

Anyway, I'll try to focus. After a few days of classes last week, Neal and I drove to Connecticut for Thanksgiving dinner with friends of my brother's family. We had our second snow shower that morning, just a light dusting, really, but my brother reported about four inches on the ground where he was. People from around here laugh when I tell them that four inches of snow nearly kept us homebound. That's why everyone out here hates California - they're jealous and the cold makes them even grumpier and they take it out on us. Anyway, we took our chances and made it there safely, passing several three-foot snowmen on the way. I had a blast and the mini-break was much needed. The weather cleared for our drive home and we discovered a Tim Horton's off I-84, exit 67. My sister-in-law fed us well before we left, but we had to make a pit stop at the coffee shop that Neal tells me is on every corner in south-east Canada. You can see more pics from the drive there and back by clicking here.

Before spending the rest of the weekend selling Christmas cards, I finally watched Miranda July's "Me You and Everyone We Know." It was amazing. All-time personal top ten. For sure. I particularly enjoyed the driving scene with the goldfish in the beginning and the "Back and Forth. Forever." bit. I was downright chortling. Anyway, I knew she had a website, as does the movie, but just discovered she also does a bit of the blogging. She's my new art hero.

Speaking of art, I've been doing a little research on flipbooks lately and came across this site. They call it "le flipbook." I love when the French incorporate English/American words into their vernacular. Put "le" in front of anything and it's okay by me. You can watch video clips on the site of flipbooks being, well, flipped. How great is that? Maybe I'll recruit Neal to help me do a similar presentation if and when I make any flipbooks of my own. Stay tuned...

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