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Despite my busy schedule, balancing grad school, part-time job, husband and two neurotic cats, I've managed to find some time for television and netflix. It's been awhile since I wrote about my favorite shows, so I thought I'd take a moment to recap my fall lineup.

Sadly, I was unable to watch the season premiere or any subsequent episodes of America's Next Top Model...I haven't even had time to keep abrest of critical writing about the show care of Salon's Heather Havrilesky (I'm sure she's commented on it in some way). I attempted to watch this season's family-of-four themed Amazing Race (it's on Tuesdays, after Gilmore Girls, which I'm committed to watching...more on that in a bit) but never got hooked - it's all about the interpersonal dramas that unfold in the first one or two episodes. For starters, the family-of-four theme is pretty broadly applied, and the kids involved demonstrate predictable attitude. Having just moved cross-country with two cats I think next season's theme should be couples with pets. Talk about challenging...

So, little or no reality television for me this season, which is probably not such a bad thing. As mentioned above, I've been able to watch Gilmore Girls religiously. The chemistry between the actors gets a little better with every season, but Rory's poor taste in men has not evolved much since the show began and we had to suffer through the impossibly serious highschool relationship with puppy-eyed love interest Dean. Jess was alright and appears to make a comback of some kind in the next ep, so we'll see, but I ain't diggin' Logan.

On a positive note, Lauren Graham's hair looks great, don't you think? Not sure about Alexis Bledel's bangs, but then, I spent the better part of the last four years growing mine out...

I've just lost any male readers I may have had.

And speaking of Lost...pretty great so far, but takes itself way too seriously to be commented on by me in this here blog.

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