My brain's too fried to do much blogging, but while it's all still fresh, thought I'd at least let y'all know that as of about an hour ago I'm officially done with the fall semester. I'd say I'm free, but school ain't out for the summer, if you know what I mean. I have a break, but oh so much work to do beginning/resuming in just a few weeks. Anyway, I won't go into my review board in too much depth, won't name any names, as they say, but I will note how much critiques lately remind me of the diagnostic portion of each episode of House. There we all are, me, three faculty, one student reviewer, looking at the work on the wall, trying to figure out what's wrong with it. We come up with some possibilities, do some tests, meet again, and go from there. I even have a chart, so to speak, a permanent record sort of file with each reviewer's personal comments...a record of my "symptoms" from semester to semester. And a whole lotta suggestions.

Life over the past week has pretty much revolved around getting ready for this review board so I haven't much else to report. Must now eat and sleep...

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