I promise I won't blog every time it snows, but we had our first big snowstorm late last week so I feel compelled to document it in some way. I was actually at work during most of it. When I left that morning I had to make my way through just an inch or so of the fluffy white stuff, but by the time I came home that night Boston had received a record 8+ inches...at least, that's what was reported at Logan airport, which closed during the afternoon's "near Blizzard conditions."

The next morning, before shovelling out of it completely, Neal and I ventured out on foot for breakfast and as many basics as we could carry. Turns out driving is probably less treacherous than walking. Maybe local homeowners were out of town this weekend, 'cause it seemed like every third house hadn't yet cleared their sidewalks, while others had shovelled onto their neighbors' portion of the sidewalk, creating three and four foot walls of snow to get around. Anyway, we weren't the only ones who just had to have our coffee, snow or shine. Check out the busy Dunkin' Donuts parking lot. A few more snowy pics have been posted on my flickr page.

Otherwise, I am officially done with the instructional/academic portion of the Fall semester. I'm now spending every waking moment (when not working) in the studio, frantically finishing projects and contemplating presentation options for my December 20th review board. After that I'll work through Christmas eve, and then it's off to Cali for a week. I can't wait for the break!

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