girl gone wild

I spent the better part of the past week in coldsville. I blame it on the Andrea Fraser lecture at the ICA last Wednesday, which I walked to from the Museum School, about 25 minutes in the icy cold wind. It warmed up here a couple of weeks ago and I mentally (and foolishly) put away my many layers of wool for the winter. And then it got cold again but I continued to wear my windbreaker-style jacket. Maybe that's an old wives tale...all I know is, I felt pretty awful the next day and I'm just now feeling nearly back to my old self.

Fortunately, it's spring break this week, which means I get to work just as hard as usual without the distraction of going to class. I took a break from the studio today, though, thinking I'd stay home and get ahead in my art history reading and writing. Instead, I spent several hours hanging curtains in my bedroom. Here's some of the leftover fabric...

...folded neatly next to the sewing kit that sees little action lately. Maybe I'll dust off the sewing machine and make some decorative pillows or something.

I've also been chipping away at my website. Most noticeable updates have occured in the portfolio section.

Anywho, Kara Walker's speaking at the MFA tomorrow night and Neal and I will be spending the weekend in NYC (primarily to see the Whitney Biennial and have breakfast at the Doughnut Plant, of course), so hopefully I'll have something a little more exciting (and a little less domestic) to blog about next week.

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