roadkill kitty

I'm catching up on, among other random things, my blog habit this evening, and particularly enjoyed reading about Chrissa's haircut experience, having recently re-visited Joe at Hair Adventure. I thought for sure my last cut would get me through the semester but impulsively booked a return appointment yesterday morning and sacrificed a good four inches to the salon floor by the end of the day. I guess I'm happy with it, but it's not exactly what I had in mind. This guy's apparently big on layers and the "texturized" cutting technique (that, apparently, was his translation of "can you just bring the bottom layer closer to the length of the shortest layer?") and very nearly gave me the sexy sideswept bang that quickly turns into the not so sexy lock of hair pulled over to the side and secured with a bobby pin. Change is good though, right?

Also somewhat inspired by fellow bloggers (specifically Jess's many knitted toys and other fantastic creatures) is this guy:

I didn't make him, Ikea did. He was the consolation gift following the cats' annual and typically traumatic trip to the vet. Neal and I have taken to calling him "roadkill kitty," which is a little creepy, don't you think? They're not laying on him in this image, but when they do, I'm pretty sure the irony is not lost on our real-live kitties.

Otherwise I'm pretty much just counting down the hours to spring break, which, for me, is next week, but I did very much enjoy a visit today by video curator Astria Suparak, who's worked a bit with Miranda July and is screening her current program, "Quantum Leaps," at MassArt tomorrow evening. Her talk was in large part about how to start up your very own film series, which I found incredibly generous of her. She then showed some clips from the current project, which thoroughly intrigued me and I'll have to seriously consider attending the screening, right after Andrea Fraser's lecture at the ICA. Typical - always many things going on in the same evening and this is just Boston. Can you imagine living in New York or L.A. and trying to make it to all this kind of stuff?

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Chrissa said...

Texturizing and the not-so-sexy sideswept lock of hair - the bane of innocent hair salon customers everywhere! I have been relying heavily on the bobby pins these last few months for that very reason. Maybe we can collaborate on an expose of the trials of finding a hairdresser of one's own.