a partly cloudy week: part four

I worked on Thursday. Neal took the inlaws to MIT and Harvard.

When I got home from work, I caught the last half hour or so of the premier of "So You Think You Can Dance," which reminded me about why I don't watch "American Idol," although I appreciate the show in principal (being popular culture at its most popular) and understand why it's so popular. I can only tolerate watching so many rejects in those first few weeks. One or two make for amusing television, but I'd much rather see the folks with talent. "So You Think You Can Dance," like "American Idol," gets better as they weed out the mediocre performers, but it's these first few weeks that really test my attention span.

Speaking of "American Idol," although I don't think I watched a single episode all the way through this entire season I did manage to catch the finale. Kat should've won, for sure.

And speaking of finales...I'm officially caught up on "Gilmore Girls," "The O.C.," "House," and "ANTM." I hate cliff-hangers and there were lots this year. I actually felt a little sad when Marissa died, but I'm over it now. I wasn't surprised, not only because I guessed she'd be the one to get the axe but also because somebody at work totally gave away the finale in casual chit-chat a day or so after (when Neal and I were still three or four episodes behind). I may watch a lot of t.v. but that's pretty much as far as my interest in the entertainment world goes. It's interesting that a lot of folks who give me a hard time about watching t.v. in general, let alone a show like "The O.C." (whatever that's supposed to mean), somehow knew the ending before I did. What's culturally more debased - watching the show or eating up all the media frenzy that buzzes around actresses like Mischa Barton? Anyway, I'm curious to see how they handle all the kids going to different colleges.

And I was disappointed Joanie didn't take the top model title. I like Danielle, really, I do, but I have to admit I was rooting for Joanie.

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