a partly cloudy week: part three

On Wednesday, we stayed local. After a late breakfast at North Quincy's Wheelhouse Diner, we took the T into town to check out, primarily, the Duck Tour. My part-time gig is at the Prudential Center (locally known as "the Pru"), also the starting point for the Duck Tours, so I've heard a lot about them, both from locals and tourists alike. It's a tad pricey ($26 per ride, $23 if you're a student), but our trip aboard one of the "authentic, renovated World War II amphibious landing vehicles" led by conDUCKtor (extra cheese) Ace Bandage, was almost worth every penny. Twenty plus bucks seems like an awful lot no matter how you cut it, or what you cut it on. And what's with the token $3 student discount? Clearly, $26 is too much to ask a student to pay for a ride, but $23 is reasonable? What am I going to do with that whopping three dollars in my pocket - pay off my student loans? Not likely...

Anyway, after our ride, we used the Ben & Jerry's coupon in the information packet they give you when you buy your tickets to have ice cream for lunch. I love having ice cream for lunch! I mean, I love ice cream pretty much any time of the day, but there's something so summer vacation about having just ice cream for your afternoon snack.

After lunch, we walked to Trinity Church, across the street from New England's tallest building, the John Hancock Tower. The church - surprise, surprise - charges a fee to take a self-guided tour of the interior. We checked out the gift shop instead, before continuing on to the BPL's (Boston Public Library) exhibition of 10,000 Joans. The BPL is an amazing buliding that many bloggers before me have already blogged about, but what I admire, in particular, is the library's café and courtyard, where you can enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee while studying or reading...your own books, I assume. We headed home a little early that day. Everyone relaxed in their own way. Feeling a sinusy head cold coming on, I took a long nap, a hot shower, and a couple of Advil before groggily tuning in to Lost's mind-bending finale. Why blog about it when Heather Havrilesky does such a good job summing up the good and the bad in t.v. land? Rarely do I disagree with her. If, however, for some reason, you haven't yet watched the finale and you plan to, I'd recommend against reading it.

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Chrissa said...

Ooh, I've been meaning to take the Duck Tour. That is radically pricey though. Re your recent post on Salem etc., isn't the Witch Museum amazing? In the sense of, "I'm amazed this qualifies as a museum?" I had been once before, many years ago, and I'm pretty sure the format was different then - they had the same diorama scenes, but you walked through passageways to look at them as the story unfolded. It was still really silly, but somehow it felt more satisfying.