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[Spoiler alert: don't read this if you're on the west coast and it's not quite 8 o'clock yet] Once again, one of my favorites (attitude issues aside) and undeniably one of the best of the bunch since the beginning doesn't even make it to the final two. When Tyra whipped out Natasha's photo instead of Renee's, I was like, oh no you didn't! It's like Natasha cast a spell on the judges (and most of my friends who watch the show and seem to disagree with me) and they're as clueless as she is! She's managed to somehow spin every negative experience, bad photo, botched commercial, into a positive outcome for herself. And good for her, but this isn't the next top wow them with your overly confident yet clueless self competition! It's a modeling competition and the best should win, gosh dangit! Now, last season, I could understand why Melrose didn't take the title. Despite being more or less better than Caridee, I realize they're looking for a very specific package - edgy and commercial. But Renee had the package! So she had a little attitude occasionally...who doesn't?! I can relate to that! I'd buy the lipstick she was wearing!

But the judges are obviously looking for something else and it's gotten more and more mysterious with each cycle. Tyra described Natasha and Jaslene as "what America's Next Top Model is all about." What does that mean?! I thought it was about modeling, but apparently it's about having an accent, either being from "the hood" or about the contemporary immigrant experience. I'm so confused! The almost perfect girls get the boot because of one flaw...you photograph too old, your chin looks manly, your lips are too puffy. "But," Tyra continued, "most importantly, Jaslene is fierce." Fair enough, works for me. Jaslene winning made Natasha bumping Renee mostly irrelevant. I'm happy she won and she was my top pick from the beginning, if you'll remember. I'm just not sure her win can erase all my other complaints about the show. A new panel of judges would help. I think Twiggy's very charming but she seems to be too easily seduced by personality. And Ms. Jay contributes little aside from gratituitous ruffles. The guest judges don't have all the information they need, really, to make a fair assessment of a given week. And Nigel...well, Nigel's pretty good actually, and damn fine. Maybe he should take over the show.

In other t.v. news...Neal and I watched the season finale of Gilmore Girls tonight since we had conflicting obligations yesterday which kept us from watching it live. I cried. This season started off a little rocky but seemed to hit its stride a few episodes in and was pretty good toward the end. It's sad because Rory's moving away from Stars Hollow and the show's ending and you just imagine all the cast members are genuinely sad, not just acting it as they say goodbye. Plus, the show's been on for seven years - the longest of any show we're currently watching. I was in college when the show started. A lot has happened both personally and, like, in the world, since 2000.

Why do good things have to end?

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