neither here nor there: preface

This is the last photo I took before the batteries in my digital camera died on top of the Acropolis in Athens. Not to worry, though. I took hundreds of photos during our trip and Neal took, I think, about four rolls of film, including one roll of slides.

I think I'll dive into the day-by-day a bit later, maybe tomorrow or Friday, since the details of the trip continue to sink in. I can tell you, though, that in all the traveling and moving around that I've done (growing up a military/government brat with chronic itchy feet), this trip was easily one of the most eventful in both amazing and bordering on traumatic ways. Items forgotten, lost and/or found included the international phone card left sitting by our home phone, our luggage, my passport, and a ten pound bill found on the ground walking back to our hotel on our last night in crazy expensive London. We bickered about royal protocol, reading maps, and mostly, where to eat. I ate more dairy milk candy bars than I'd like to admit (or tally). I observed that English people really do know how to queue up and if you fly from one European country to another, be prepared for multiple levels of security (and frisking) as you wander the airport during your four-hour layover. Everything worked out pretty well in the end. Stay tuned for all the gritty details.

In the meantime, how excited are you that So You Think You Can Dance started last week? I just caught up on the two-hour premier in time for tonight's second episode. That show is officially my favorite dose of reality t.v. Yep, that's right, even over ANTM. I'll be keeping a close eye on local (i.e. Dorchester, Mass.) lads Jamal and E-Knock.

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