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I watched Mona Lisa Smile this weekend. It had been on my Netflix queue for ages and with Neal out of town I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a total chick flick. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. And the timing was perfect as I officially begin my teaching career (having graduated from TA to GTF, or Graduate Teaching Fellow) tomorrow. I had visions of myself as Katherine Watson, standing stunned in class as all the students shout out titles to the images in her slides. Except my class isn't an art history class, I'm not teaching in an all girls college in the mid-1950s (although I am in the same state), and I only have twelve students (the student-faculty ratio at the Museum School is insanely small...my class is full, believe it or not).

There's a class blog, of course. I've been on the other end of class blogs before and while I blog a fair amount myself, I've never found the class blog to be all that successful. But seeing as how this class is about connections between the Mail Art Movement and digital technology (like the pre-existing platform that is the 'blog), I thought it was appropriate to at least give it a try. So I can't promise it'll be an exciting read...but you can download my syllabus if you're bored!

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Anonymous said...

I loved Mona Lisa Smile, have seen it multiple times quite by accident. It crops up on tbs or usa or one of those channels that runs the same movie multiples times over weekends. I really enjoyed it. I loved all the 50's advertising. Jo