summer days driftin' away

My two summer flings collide in this video, where Big Brother contestants Eric, Jessica, and Daniele discuss So You Think You Can Dance. I'm surprised how much they were able to watch (and retain) before they entered the BB house.

In other news, today was the first day of the fall semester. As a 3rd year grad student, I don't have to take any classes, but a combination of teaching, TAing, work study, library runs, and the occasional thesis committee meeting will require me to spend three days or so on campus (if you can call it that). So far I'm quite liking this student-with-no-classes status.

My drive home, however, was completely anxiety provoking. I drove a lot this summer, but my commute, while sometimes a bit longer than I'd like, from Dorchester to Brockton, about 25 minutes or so south of Boston, was usually pretty chill. My cross-town commute to school, on the other hand, is anything but (did I mention I've witnessed two shootings along this route, both of which occurred during my first year here?), and today Roxbury drivers were in rare form. A lot of crazy Boston driving I've gotten used to. Even the common practice of letting the first person turning left go in front of you when the light turns green. I don't mind that and it's certainly come in handy here and there when I've been on the other side of things. Usually the one car goes and then good ol' right-of-way returns. However, occasionally the second and third cars will try to squeeze through as well, or a driver will sense the smallest gap approaching and decide to take the risk, pulling right out in front of you. This happened to me twice today and both times, even though I came to a screeching halt to let the driver finish what they'd started, they flipped me off. Came to a stop, mid-turn, to flip me off. Excuse me?! I don't think so...

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