how did I not know about this?

I learned (a couple of days after the submission deadline) about this blogging scholarship because an undergrad at my school apparently got his blog into the finalist round and sent out a school-wide e-mail asking fellow students to vote for his blog. If he wins - and it doesn't look like he will - he gets $10,000. For blogging about "interesting" and "unique" topics while attending college full-time.

I clicked on the blog with the most votes so far expecting to find some freshman rantings, you know, the kind of kid who has 367 "friends" on MySpace and has been blogging since birth about the indie film they just made, the novel they wrote at age 9, and/or the various small businesses they've started. Instead, I was directed to this blog, about "one mom's journey through life, law school, and breast cancer." Wow. Talk about putting my semester gripes into perspective...

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Kim said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I appreciate the support!