snow day

Sophie's got the idea. It's time to find some space between a pillow and a soft spot and get to work on a fat stack of weekend reading.

As cozy as that sounds, I just have one question. Is it spring yet?


Jolina said...

Actually, it IS spring in Nevada. Which means that this morning we had the heat on in the house and in the car while we looked at quarter sized Christmas snow driving to school. The roads were slick because it rained last night before it froze and then snowed on top of that. As you slide into the parking lot, the snow turns to rain just long enough to ruin my hair. Blue skies as soon as I get into the office. Not more than 20 minutes ago, we had the worst hail storm of the winter. Sun is shining now. At 3:00 straight up, I can almost guarantee you that it will be raining/hailing/storming just in time for the girls to walk home. We will open the windows and the doors in the house because it will be warm. Heat will come back on once the sun sets because it will drop a good 20 degrees.

So, yes, Becky it is SPRING, at least here in Nevada. And I too am ready to be your cat. Or curl up in a spot just like that and not come back out until Monday morning.

Chrissa said...

I love how her chin is resting on the corner of the blankets, just so.

Becky G. said...

I know, isn't she just too precious? This was actually yesterday, while it was damn cold out but not yet snowing. I think she must have gotten herself into that position chasing the last bit of afternoon sun there on the corner of the futon.