Georgia on my mind

After well over a year in progress, I can finally add my Georgia O'Keefe latch hook pillow to the list of recently completed projects, like the "six-year" afghan I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. I decided to open an Etsy shop, which motivated me to finally finish her off earlier today.

I'm pretty happy with the finished product and wouldn't mind keeping the pillow if it never sells. I have a few other images prepped, so this may turn into a series, although I'm not sure I want to make each one into a pillow. I'd also be open to custom orders, which I'm hoping the Etsy shop will help facilitate. At any rate, it's nice to have an outlet to show off my hand-made stuff. Also in the shop are the "chick flick" note cards I made a little over a year ago and wrote about here.

What other projects can I finally complete and put up for sale??

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