man vs. boy

Yeah, I watched the American Idol finale, but only because there was nothing else on when I got home from my "Newborn Essentials" class last night and I needed something to watch as I inhaled a bowl of popcorn. We watched the just-recorded version, which allowed us to fast-forward through the commercials, hard at times to distinguish from the show itself. I wouldn't be surprised if Randy and Paula's decision to both wear red was somehow written in to their Coca Cola stained contracts, not to mention the gazillion times they reminded us that they were in the Nokia theater. I was, however, pleasantly surprised to see some SYTYCD 2007 alumni helping the hopeless singers out with their choreography. "I Got Rhythm"...yeah, not so much. I'm assuming the summer tour will be much like last night's show, and I can't imagine sitting through an entire live performance of that. I mean, honestly, how bored did Amanda Overmyer look?

But, anyway, enough complaining. Between the two Davids, I was surprised but pleased that Mr. Cook took the title, although even I was shocked to be enjoying young Archuleta's performances so much last night. At least he was kinda into it and I assume his awkward dancing is out of inexperience, not sheer boredom or embarrassment. In the end, though, whitey tighties trump briefs every time.

Needless to say, despite sticking out the season, I won't be returning to watch again next year. I'll stick to shows I know I'll enjoy, like SYTYCD, the 4th season of which premiers tonight at 8 (I can hardly wait! I'm not a big John Mayer fan, but I got excited when his "Waiting on the World to Change" came on the radio yesterday, because it made me reminisce about last season, minus the mid-song scream, of course.).

In other news, the wallpaper I produced for a group exhibition last fall will be included in another variation of the show (which will include the work of 15 artists altogether, some returning as is, like myself, some re-worked, some new) opening in Chicago tomorrow night. In fact, curator Janine Biunno is probably busy installing it as I type. If you're in Chicago, you can find the show, organized in affiliation with Harold Arts, at Heaven Gallery. As soon as Janine has returned and has time to distribute photos, I'll post a few here and on my website. I gotta say, it's nice to have one project included in two separate shows!

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