good times for a change

I don't usually blog about politics, but drastic circumstances call for drastic measures...or something like that. Actually, I guess it would have made more sense to blog before the election, so that all seven of my readers might have been swayed to vote one way or another. But I probably would've been preaching to the choir, and anyway it doesn't matter anymore. Let's just say I'm a lot happier today than I was after the past two elections. I don't think I'll be mildly depressed for the rest of the week as I was four years ago.

And I suppose the economic situation trumps the arts, not that the arts ever figure all that prominently in an election in this country, but I do feel optimistic that Obama will be a much better advocate for the arts than Bush was or than McCain might have been. At least Obama included some thoughts about the arts in his platform, a topic that was pretty much absent from McCain's rhetoric, at least as far as I could tell. You can read all about Obama's arts policy here, in fact.

Just one lingering question: What will all the political artists do after Bush leaves the office??

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