fresh from the Makery: pink pom pom pushpins

The alliteration is completely coincidental, I promise. And I should confess, right off the bat, that I broke my own rules this week, running to Michael's to buy all but one "ingredient" for this week's project. What can I say, I needed a break from myself.

I have lots of pushpins on hand, left over from two years of working in a crappy studio where I did little more than pin stuff to the walls and then spend days contemplating my next move. So I thought I'd give the dozen or so metal pushpins that I have on hand a little makeover. Naturally, that involved pink pom poms.

And I've learned a bit about pom poms this morning, as I edit my images and put together this post. Is it pom pon or pom pom, one word or two? I've always wondered that, ever since my middle school days when I belonged to a cheerleading-like dance troupe called, simply, Pom Pons. Turns out the word comes from the French pompon (not to be confused with the French sculptor), referring to a spherical ornament of some kind, like, in this case, a ball of fluffy, pink material.

There are twelve pushpins in the set, each one adorned with a pink pom pom, and stored on a small piece of cork in a brown box with a decorative ribbon trim. If your bulletin board needs a little flair, leave me a comment on this post and I'll enter your name in the random drawing that I'll do at the end of the week to determine the lucky winner of this week's giveaway.

I also bought a few pieces of white and pink felt to make more Mother's Cookies notecards to put in one of my Etsy shops (not sure which shop is the appropriate venue). I'll post a link once they're up and available so stay tuned for that.


Rain said...

These are totally adorable. Love them. If I don't win the drawing, I may have to steal the idea and make some myself!

Becky G. said...

Rain, you're officially entered! These would definitely not be hard to recreate, though. There was something very satisfying about working with my hot glue gun and the little pom poms. I want to glue them onto everything now. My only complaint is the limited choice of pom pom colors at Michael's, but I'm sure you could find some better colors elsewhere.

Auntie Kay said...

Too cute for words. I cannot use them in the motorhome so I will just say how cute they are and bow out of this weeks drawing. You come up with the greatest ideas. You are definitely creative and artistic.

Jolina said...

Love the pink pom poms! The girls would love them, but I really love the box. So, please enter me too. I have enjoyed the hot chocolate for one - it is the cutest container.

Becky G. said...

Thanks, Kay and Jo! Jo, you're in!