box o' yarn...kitty not included

No, time is not passing even faster than usual; I skipped out on the Makery altogether last week. I did actually manage to make a wee bit of progress on the whole operation declutter mission, whittling down a box of random stuff from Elias's first 11 months into this very neat and tidy scrapbook storage box.


And after:

Ah, much better. Nothing to give away there, though, unless, of course, you'd like a banker's box shredded by Xander (why is a cardboard box always more compelling than the multiple cat posts we've purchased precisely for this purpose?).

This week, however, since I've been busy the past couple of weeks crocheting a boa-type scarf (just in time for summer!), I thought I'd go through my various craft bins and get rid of leftover yarn.

The maroon chenille is leftover from said boa, and the rest of the yarn (minty green, light blue, and a bit of bright orange cotton yarn) I bought initially for this blanket and subsequently tried to use up making these coasters and then more coasters.

If you think you can get a little life out of this box o' yarn (Sophie not included), leave me a comment on this post and I'll enter your name in the random drawing I'll do at the end of the week.

As for that boa, it's taking me way longer to make than I thought it would and I even had to run out and buy more yarn to finish it (which is ironic since the only reason I'm making it is to use the first skein of chenille yarn I had on hand that I bought a couple of years ago when I thought I'd try to teach myself how to knit...turns out I'm a one-hook kind of crafter). I'm still deciding whether I'll keep it or give it away but stay tuned for that.


Renee G said...

Would love to give your yarn a new home. I'm thinking I'd probably try my hand at a scarf or two.


Becky G. said...

Excellent, Renee! I'll enter you in the drawing. I love the cotton yarn in particular, but need to whittle down my belongings to as few moving crates as possible.

I SO look forward to the day when I stop moving every three to four years. I foresee quite the stash of yarn accumulating...

Auntie Kay said...

Hi Becky

After numerous attempts by Grandma Kinrade of teaching me to KNIT - I too came to the conclusion that I am a one needle crafter.

I crocheted from Florida to Winnemucca, NV - made 4 dishcloths, 4 potholders & 3 coasters out of 6 skeins of 100% cotton yarn. Fun!! Fun!! It was a great pasttime while driving cross country. It does not take long to accumulate yarn.

java diva said...

I love the coasters you made! The colors are awesome!
I am currently knitting baby washcloths for my SIL who is due in 1 month! And now my 4 year old is begging to learn to knit. Um, yeah, this should be interesting!
I'd love to win those beautiful yarns! Thanks for decluttering! ;)

Becky G. said...

Knitting is no joke! It's true - it's scary how quickly I accumulated a box of yarn.

Thanks, java diva! The coasters are for sale in my etsy shop (not to be all self-promotional, but there it is). Oh man, I guess if a 4 year old can learn to knit, maybe I should give it another try :)

I'll do the drawing tomorrow to see who will get the box o' yarn! Stay tuned...

Becky G. said...

As always, with Neal as my witness, Java Diva, you're the lucky winner of the box o' yarn! I'll send this out to you in the next day or two. Do share a pic or two of what you end up making!

Renee, stay tuned for other giveaways - some equally crafty - in the coming weeks. I have a couple of ideas for what I'll post this evening. Stay tuned!