stationery fit for a queen

I'm not giving these away for free, but in the spirit of the Makery, I wanted to write a few words about the latest addition to my more paper-based Etsy shop.

Folded notecards created from prints created from imagery from Sofia Coppola's film, Marie Antoinette - fitting, no? As I continued to sift through all the stuff we've accumulated during our nearly four years in Beantown this past weekend, I came across a couple of large sheets of screenprinted paper, proofs for the wallpaper I've blogged about a couple of times already. I didn't want to just toss them so I decided to make stationery from the best bits of the print proofs, layering a lighter weight blank text page inside and pairing each card with a handmade translucent, magenta envelope.

Each note is packaged in a clear cellophane sleeve and available for sale at three bucks a pop.

The listing is for one note only, but I have a dozen of these so just "convo" me, as they say in Etsy-land (short for conversation), if you'd like more and I'd be happy to create a custom listing for you. Collect all twelve!


java diva said...

Those are awesome!!! And beautiful!! Wow. You always impress me.

Becky G. said...

Thank you! I couldn't just toss those print proofs! And making these cards made me seriously antsy to start printing again...Hopefully I can work on a small setup after this move dust settles a bit.