Android dude meets Android dudette

The gals over at Women With Droids contacted me a few weeks ago about participating in a series of giveaways they were planning with various Etsy sellers to build up interest in the relatively new blog. Initially, I thought, I don't know...Giveaways are free and all and I'm awfully busy at the moment...But then I took a look at their site and eventually one of the contributors suggested making a custom case with their "droidette" logo and colors and I was fully on board.

I had a great time making this case. I mean, I enjoy making the two versions of the phone cozy I sell in my shop (I've sold about 40 since adding them to the shop last fall) but I have to admit I do get a little bored with the little Android dude after awhile. The thing that keeps it interesting and fun are the different color combos buyers request. So to make a new version of the case to match this particular logo variation and colors was just the break I needed (especially since I'd just finished a bulk order of all black + lime green cases for Twitgift).

And the best part is, duh, it's free! You can find all the details on the blog.

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