sometimes the stuff I make is actually edible

I've been cooking a little more lately (yes, yes, I know I'm so lucky to have cohabitated with and subsequently married a guy who cooks and cooks well, even though he doesn't like to do it as often now that we no longer have the kind of time and freedom we did before we reproduced). Usually meals of the very fast and easy variety like pasta with Trader Joe's frozen sauce, but since I joined Weight Watchers (more months ago than I'd like to admit), I've tried out a few of their recipes as well, including the latest, shown above: mini butternut squash cheesecakes.  I don't have the small ramekins they suggest so I made about twice as many cheesecake bites instead and they came out pretty well (and this way they're about a point per bite!).  All each bite needs is a dollop of whipped cream, but that would kind of defeat the purpose, wouldn't it?  And it got me thinking, since I have enough cream cheese to make another batch, what other versions of cheesecake bites can I throw together?  Mash up some banana and use an Oreo crumb crust instead? Yum.

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