fresh from the Makery: because Androids need a little pick-me-up, too!

My recent move forced me to take a much-needed break from all things involving felt and thread.  But after the dust had started to settle and my "day job" Etsy shop had been re-opened, I still wasn't in the mood for the pressure of custom orders.  Instead, with some recently purchased patterned felt burning a hole in the proverbial crafty pocket, I got to work on eight limited edition Android phone cases, six of which I listed in the shop this morning (trying to finally get back on track with this whole "fresh on Mondays" idea...we'll see how long it lasts).  I just couldn't wait to finish the other two but plan to add those later this week. 

Unlike the custom listings, these phone cases are already made and ready to ship, "prêt-à-porter," if you will.  They measure 3 1/4 by 5 1/2 inches and will fit most Android phones (even the iPhone...and yes, I have made an Android phone cozy for an iPhone user).  Unfortunately, they won't fit the insanely long Droid X, which is almost 1/2 inch too long, but that's what the custom listings are for, here and here.  Without further delay, here are the first six, beginning with a tiger stripe/purple/black combo:

Next we have your classic camo:

Followed by a tie dye cozy that reminds me of the "big stick" cherry pineapple Popsicles:

In addition to classic camo, we have a blue version:

...and a pink one:

And last but not least, a blue/green version of the tie dye material used above:

Stay tuned for the other two later this week!

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