Rubik's Cube Giveaway!

Okay, one more thing before I head out for a bang trim and then I swear I'm going to devote the rest of the day to packing!

As a yet-to-contribute member of the 360PR MomSquad (most of their surveys and such address families with kids older than mine) I recently had the opportunity to participate in their new educational initiative, You CAN Do the Rubik's Cube.  Even though my son is too young to even attempt solving this thing, the program played on my childhood nostalgia (spending my formative years with an older brother and a bunch of male cousins in a not so great neighborhood of Reno, NV, the way I remember "solving" the cube was primarily by rearranging the stickers) so I jumped at the opportunity to get one of the kits pictured above and below.

Inside you'll find a Rubik's cube, a solution guide, as well as instructions for making your very own Rubik's Cube cake!  Throw a "block" party! Get it?

I passed my kit along to my niece and nephew but there's still one kit up for grabs and I thought, what a great opportunity for a little giveaway?  To tie the kit into the crafty nature of this blog (and nostalgic nature of this particular post), I also wanted to share an image from Neal's childhood, a mere four-hour drive away from my Reno stomping grounds at the time in the central valley of California (perhaps we crossed preschooler paths at Denio's?)  One year for Halloween, Neal's Mom made his brother Ryan a Rubik's Cube costume:

How freakin' cute is that?! (And how rad is that orange carpet, eh?)  I have a few ideas of my own as far as translating Rubik's cubey goodness into felt and thread but sadly won't have the time to make any of that happen for a couple of weeks, after the dust settles from yet another family move.  In the meantime, what crafty, cubey ideas would you like to share in an effort to win the Rubik's Cube kit up for grabs?

Post your ideas and/or links in the comments section and a winner will be selected at random on Monday, August 16th!

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