hey Mary, he likes it!

I introduced my son Elias, who will be 3 in June (what?!), to the joy of SYTYCD a couple of days ago, watching one of my all-time favorite routines on my phone in the car on the way home from the library (that was after he requested I play Lady Gaga's Alejandro for him - the song, not the video...I kid you not).  While my viewing habits have changed very little since his arrival shortly after season 6 began, my blogging habits around the show definitely took a hit.  Let's compare, shall we, a post from two days before his birth (here) with a post from the beginning of last season (here).  The former is too long for even me to re-read.  The latter is awfully ambitious and erroneously so since that was the first, and last, time I wrote about the show last season (buying a house and moving - again - will do that).  I probably tweeted it up from time to time but blogging is such a commitment.  I figure if I can keep up with this daily countdown nonsense, surely I can write about the show once a week when it starts, right?  Time will tell.  In the meantime, here's the clip I shared with Elias, who requested to watch it again immediately after (typical toddler).


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