how 'bout a little countdown?

Are you as excited as I am about the return of So You Think You Can Dance just two months from today?! Yeah, okay, probably not, but I'm going to go ahead and count us down anyway (as if we needed to help time along - it's almost April, people!). It's fairly ambitious of me to think I can blog about the show every day between now and the May 26th premier, especially considering I've hardly blogged about the show at all the past two or three seasons, but it doesn't hurt to try, right?

To get started, checking Facebook earlier today, a sidebar ad caught my eye...something about how Glee's Heather Morris had auditioned for SYTYCD Season 2.  Get out of town, right?! So I did a little Google search and lo and behold, came across this "package," as they say on the show, following her brush with SYTYCD stardom:

It's funny, I remember Ben but not Heather, and yet she's consistently one of my favorite parts of Glee each week, even when other elements continue to bug me (do the Warblers always have to wear those dorky uniforms?!). Girlfriend went on to dance for Beyonce before landing the role of Brittany on Glee, so I'd say she's done pretty well for herself.

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