a gift from the fire added to my TNT November 30th raffle!

I picked up another donation today from a local Etsy seller for my early bird fundraising efforts.  If you donate to Team in Training in my name (on board with TNT to run the Oakland Marathon in March...yikes!), you'll be entered to win either the eco spa gift set in my previous post OR this gorgeous fused glass pendant:

Generously donated by Berkeley-based Etsy seller Elayne Isaacs, I picked this one because it has a lot of purple, the signature TNT color that you start seeing everywhere as soon as you begin training.  I added a simple choker chain and packaged the pendant in a purple organza bag.  Again, great to keep for yourself or give as a gift! One raffle entry for every $25 you donate!

Elayne's shop is called Gifts from the Fire.  You'll notice it's empty. Elayne is a retired teacher and longtime potter who moved into fused glass about a year ago.  She had several pieces picked out for me and when I mentioned I was interested in perhaps choosing one with a little purple in it for the TNT connection, she brought out a box full of equally gorgeous pieces.  Don't you think she should fill her shop with more pendants and glass pieces like this one?  I sure do!  Thanks again, Elayne!


Anonymous said...

I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!

Jolina said...

You inspired her to fill her Etsy shop! Beautiful pendants!!