the 12 (handmade) days of Christmas - runner's edition

First things first: I have two raffle winners to announce! Following the lead of my amazing mentor Laura, I entered all my raffle entry numbers (1155 total in all) on Random.org and here are the two numbers I got - for the eco spa gift set, #184, the prize goes to...Brian & family! For the fused glass pendant, #753, the winner is...Meredith! Thanks again for donating and I hope you all enjoy your goodies!

Now, traditionally speaking, the 12 days of Christmas begin on Christmas day (or the day after). But this handmade 12 days of Christmas series - runner's style - begins today!  As part of my fundraising efforts for Team in Training, I organized another raffle open to anyone who donates to TNT in my name between now and December 17th.  That date is "recommitment", when I have to sign a lot of forms reiterating that yes, I plan to run 26.2 miles in Oakland on March 25th, and yes, I'll raise at least $1800 for TNT between now and then (or they can charge my credit card for the difference).  In fact, I'd like to raise that minimum $1800 by recommitment, so I'm making a second push to get additional donations before then.

My first raffle included the above-mentioned spa gift set and fused glass pendant and I not only reached the $500 mark by yesterday as I'd hoped - my donations went beyond the halfway point!  This time around, I have not one, not two, but TWELVE handmade items up for grabs, all donated by generous Etsy sellers, all geared toward runners!  I'll give you a little peek of all twelve items today and will follow this up with an individual post each day highlighting one of the donated items and the fabulous seller who donated it.

1. a custom, purple "26.2" no-slip headband from SlipNotHeadware

2. a t-shirt, bumper sticker, AND three cards from AsphaltandMe

3. the "I run because..." wrap bracelet by TheRunHome

4. a custom, purple and gray travel hula hoop (have you ever heard of such a thing?!) by local WhoopKat (y'know, for those cross training days)

5. an "I HEART running" necklace by MichelleHartney

6. a key wring wristlet featuring TNT colors by shopmimigreen

7. a soldered glass runner's pendant by runforyourlife

8. a purple race bib scrapbook by LauraElaineDesigns

9. a race medal OR bib display (winner's choice!) by runningonthewall

10. a gift certificate good for a custom set of bib coasters by 26MileStones

11. a bar of trail runner sport soap by TaosDawnSoap

12. and another beautiful fused glass pendant - a purple one! - by Elayne Isaacs

For a chance to win one of these wonderful raffle items, just make a donation in any amount of $5 and up on my fundraising page.  As with the first raffle, here's how raffle entries will be handled:

$5 = one entry
$10 = 2 entries
$15 = 3 entries
$20 = 4 entries

If you donate $25-$99, you will receive matching entries per dollar donation, so for $25 you get 25 entries, for $38 you get 38 entries, and so on. For a donation of $100 or more, you get double entries, so $100 = 200 entries, $125 = 250 entries.

If you've already donated, donate once more (any amount) and you get matching entries for this donation PLUS your previous donation.

Stay tuned for one more post today and every day hereafter until Dec. 12th to learn more about individual raffle items!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a great raffle, so very happy with my winnings! :)