pasta and a movie: Saint Ralph

After much research (and determination of what would be available on Netflix instant play), I've decided that tonight's running themed movie will be Saint Ralph, based on the true story of ninth grader Ralph Walker, who in 1954 set out to run the Boston Marathon in a sort of complex attempt to pull his mother out of a coma (as both had been said to be "miracles"):

Doesn't it look good? Plus, Campbell Scott. Swoon. 

For dinner, we're having this Santa Rosa Valley Salad, more of a rice dish but loaded with carbs all the same and oh so yummy.  The leftovers are just as good, too.  Tomorrow - 8 miles!


bmabird said...

Have a great run Beck! That looks great! We are so proud of you! Love, The Birds

Becky G. said...

Thanks, Brian! Pasta - check! Movie - comin' up! 8 miles will be the most I've run in a few months! But I'm feeling pretty good this week :)