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Fundraising - I just can't quit you! In addition to donating 75% of proceeds from the sale of TNT/LLS runner silhouette race bib inspired thank you notes, I'm taking orders for chocolate covered candied orange slices just in time for Valentine's Day!

With citrus harvesting time right around the corner (in fact, I have a feeling we'll have a counter full of oranges from the tree in our backyard by the end of this weekend), and considering you get dozens of these highly caloric confections from each batch of just four oranges, I figured I'd put the two projects together in an attempt to make that final push past my fundraising minimum of $1800 (I'm so close!).

To get your order in, just make a donation of $10 - that's it! - to my online fundraising page.

Ten bucks will get you a nicely packaged half-dozen orange slices. But wait, there's more! Each $10 donation will also earn you one entry into a drawing for one of three gorgeous glass bead jewelry pieces made by my aunt, Jolina Adams.

She sent over three gorgeous pieces, all with the signature TNT color purple.

Perfect for V-Day!

Two necklaces and one pair of earrings (I seriously want to keep these kitty earrings) - up for grabs if you place your $10 candied orange slice order between now and February 7th. That's the last day I'll be taking donations in order to pop these in the mail by Friday, February 10th or hand-deliver them (to fellow runners after our long run) on Saturday, February 11th.  

Thanks again, Jo!

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