pasta and a movie: Spanglish

What's that you say? Spanglish isn't a running movie? I beg to differ. We actually upped our Netflix queue so I could have a running movie each week, as I've quickly gone through much of what I wanted to see via instant play. And, as I'm currently reading Run Like a Mother (one of the raffle items up for grabs on Sunday!), I've been thinking a lot about my fellow mother runners, why is it I enjoy running so much more after having my son than I did before (solitude, being able to actually give in to that constant feeling that I'm racing the clock, etc...but more on that in a later post), which, naturally, made me think of Téa Leoni's character ("left!"). While hilarious to watch, as a mother, she's a bit nutty, don't you think? And that's the other thing I've been thinking about a lot lately, how all the women in movies are either childless, presumably because they've been busy pursuing other things (probably the subject of the movie), or, if they are mothers they're either absent (deceased with the cause of death often a total mystery or in a coma) or crazy. And if they're absent, it's pretty likely they were also cheating on their husbands before they fell into a coma and/or died. What's up with that, Hollywood? Anyway, it'll be interesting to watch the film all these years later and three plus years after having my own kid and picking up running again.

So what's for dinner? Well, I originally planned to try my mentor Laura's pre-run dinner of brown rice (but using the leftover black rice from a couple of weeks ago), sweet potatoes, and brussel sprouts - she's explained that the sweet potatoes combined with the brussel sprouts make a complete protein, without using any meat (and while I almost always crave a cheeseburger the night after a long run, I'm not in a meaty mood the night before). Thing is, while I appreciate brussel sprouts aesthetically (they look like miniature cabbages! so cute!), I've never cared for the taste, so I think I subconsciously left them off my list when I stopped by Trader Joe's last night. Without the greens, I decided to make a sweet potato variation of the black rice salad I enjoyed so much, using a basmati rice pilaf mix, three small sweet potatoes (cooked like the butternut squash, but for only about 30 minutes instead of 40), about a tablespoon of chopped green onion, with some slivered almonds and chopped, dried cherries sprinkled on at the end.

Not bad, if I do say so myself. By the way, in case you're wondering, I took last week off after feeling worn down and possibly sickly following three days at home with a sick toddler. But Neal made this "salad" on Friday, also from Sunset magazine. While I've enjoyed many recipes from this latest issue, I'm sorry to say this one was not a keeper.

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