my week: 6.2 and a stomach flu

Between a sick day on Tuesday and a vacation day today to chaperone my daughter's preschool field trip, it was a 3-day work-week for me. We're going on a short road trip this weekend. Man, am I ready to get outta Dodge for a couple of days. So I should be spending my daughter's nap packing but I wanted to let you all know how my week went first.


I was sick on Tuesday, taking the first sick day for actually being sick (I've already taken two sick days to take care of sick kids, which is actually not bad considering I've been working for a little over two months now). I was bummed because I'd planned to check out Lorelai Linklater's paintings after my other work obligations on the San Francisco campus that day. If you don't know, Lorelai Linklater, director Richard Linklater's daughter, plays the girl in the film Boyhood. She's a senior at the art school where I work. The exhibition is open through next week, so maybe I'll have a chance to see it yet.

CRAFT (and design and stuff)

Look who showed up on Zulily this week? It's Three Bird Nest! Your average Etsy seller can't really afford to offer 70% discounts, folks, FYI.

Gorgeous coloring books for adults! Not that you can't color in kids' coloring books, or vice versa. Actually, the thing that bugs me most about coloring with my kids is the crappy quality of the paper and crayons. H/T to my friend Jennie for sending me this one.

DANCE (and all the other stuff)

As I've mentioned in past posts, I once again participated in the Oakland Running Festival, this year tackling leg one of the marathon relay with three mama-runner friends. I hadn't exactly trained for hills of any kind, but the incline in leg one is gradual so I did pretty well, only stopping at the water breaks at miles 2 and 4. I love leg one, running from the uptown area of Oakland through Piedmont and Temescal and ending at Rockridge BART. I especially loved being done, home, and showered by about 10 a.m.

I'd like to tackle the 1/2 marathon next year but consistent training and long runs in particular have been challenging between work, winter colds, and inconsistent toddler sleep cycles. For now, I'm enjoying my "easy" 3 miles around the lake, with no guilt over skipping strides or speed work, and I most definitely will not be running tomorrow morning, thank you very much.

The Cinderalla-is-a-girls-movie nonsense continues. A friend shared this with me after last week's update. Ridiculous.

Did you know the new animated movie Home had an official choreographer? Isn't that funny? And that choreographer's ex is Jennifer Lopez, who performs a song for the film. Are they back together again? Do I care? (No.) Ironically, there's absolutely no dancing in that American Idol performance. Nice dress, though.

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