my week: forward sprung

I can wrap up this week in two words: daylight savings. Here's another one: sucks. Especially when you have kids. Young kids who seem to take about a week to recover from that one hour lost. But it's Friday! The weekend is near, and as we near the weekend things seem to be settling down on the home-front. And I did manage to sneak in a mid-week blog post, so #ICYMI, be sure to read the latest installment in my "burning bridges" series, where I write about the various jobs I've had over the last 18 years or so. This latest post is about longing solitude, something I share in common with a painter I worked for circa 2002.

Otherwise, here's some stuff I was digging this week:


On a work-related outing on Tuesday this week, I got a behind-the-scenes peak at the Nourse Theater in San Francisco, home to City Arts & Lectures (and many local college graduation ceremonies). I can report that the green room is, in fact, green. And there are massive radiators on the back walls of the stage that are easily 20 feet high. Actually, maybe I should file this under "dance" because that's what I felt like doing on that big, empty stage.

I walked to Bittersweet Cafe during a coffee break on Wednesday. While I waited for my choco thai, I read about the owner, previously co-founder of Ask Jeeves, who is also a painter. Okay, I got it now - start successful dot com, make millions of dollars, open artisanal food shop, turn that into a local chain, and then you can devote your day to your studio practice. I'm on it! 

CRAFT (and design and stuff)

If you were late to the rumor that Hobby Lobby is closing all of its stores, sadly, this seems to be an urban legend. Why is that bad news? Here are just a few reasons you should hit another craft store instead.

DANCE (and everything else)

I actually have something dance-related this week: So You Think You Can Dance premiers on June 1st! I'm skeptical about the new "stage vs. street" format, but I'm still pretty excited for the show to begin.

This BuzzFeed list actually made me miss Boston a little. You know, now that spring is (theoretically) around the corner and those 100+ inches of snow are starting to melt. But number 19 is truth, yo. Good Mexican food is a rare find pretty much anywhere in New England.

I'm running again, did I tell you? The Oakland Running Festival is just around the corner. You may remember I "ran" the full marathon in 2012. This year, I'm just tackling leg one of the relay with three friends running the rest. I'm only up to 5 miles but I only need to run about 6.2 on race day next Sunday, so I think I'll do just fine. Now if I can just stay healthy for another week and a half.

See you next week. I'm going to try this weekend to whip up something crafty for the kids for St. Patrick's Day on Tuesday. Wish me luck! (Get it??)

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