ask me about my briefcase (a call for contributions)

Another online project! Well, sort of. I'm in the "collecting materials" phase of The Lost Object Project, which is still mostly an empty shell of a site, but will (hopefully) eventually host more than just my example of a virtual memorial for an inanimate object that is no longer in my possession but still manages to hold a lot of meaning for me.

download the flyer
Last semester, as something of an afterthought, I printed a postcard to link a gallery installation with a website that I hoped to make somewhat interactive. That part of the project mostly failed, but I think I'm addressing community and interaction a bit more directly in this project. Still, I'd like to collect at least a handful of stories and images to build up the project (with the thought that folks will be more likely to respond if there are a number of examples they can browse) before I start advertising it to the already-online communities. If you think of a story you'd like to share - even if you don't have an image of your object - fill out the online submission form or print out the PDF flyer. Check the site within a couple of days for your object's virtual memorial.

And, hey, thanks for being a part of my test batch!

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