remembering Osiris

In the week since my "too, too much" post, I've rethought my community/connection/interaction/photo/memory project. It will no longer focus on people's lost or otherwise passed on pets. Instead, I've placed the 54 images in my collection of old photos into a photo gallery on my website. I created the web gallery with Adobe CS 2, modifying their template ever so slightly. I preferred the slide show template, but couldn't figure out an easy way of eliminating their image info table...Anyway, it takes awhile to load and I'm not sure how the feedback thing works, but the images are there!

All is not lost, though. I'm busy collecting materials and technical know-how for my revised project, which I hope to launch by about the first week of March, maybe earlier. There will be a PDF brochure that I'll make available on my website that you can download and print out so that you, too, can be a part of the project. I hope you'll interact...Stay tuned!

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