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The Lost Object Project will have a real-world configuration (and drop box for contributions) for a couple of weeks between March 1st and 13th. It's part of the Special Projects class showcase in the Museum School's Project Space (there's a lot of "project" going on). If you're local, stay tuned for details about an opening event/happening, likely to occur the week of March 4th.

I spent twelve hours yesterday in the screenprinting studio, hand-printing 400 flyers (in two colors) and submission forms to distribute at school this week (grad students and faculty are getting a slightly different version, quite like a wedding invitation, that I'm computer-printing...thank God). I haven't printed like that since mid-November last semester and man, am I out of screenprinting shape! My entire back is sore, as well as my hands and forearms. Squeezing the excess water out of a sponge is excruciating.

I'll have documentation of the flyer and invitation a bit later. I'm hoping to get all the materials ready for assembly by the time the Oscar hoopla starts. Nothing like five or six hours of focused t.v. watching to get me through some serious production.

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