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With my final paper (perhaps forever?) completed and handed in by early this afternoon, I had some time to finally put the finishing touches on this crocheted afghan I started just about six years ago.

In a way, this blanket represents my journey from one art degree to the next, having started it right after my college graduation in the summer of 2002 and finishing it just a week before the conclusion of my grad studies. Yeah, that's an awfully long time to work on one blanket. I started it with the intention of giving it to a person who, well, months after I began, no longer seemed to really deserve a gift that was clearly going to take hours and hours of effort. I don't mean that in a bitter way, either, just that our relationship had gone from professional, to rather friendly, to almost obligatory until we no longer needed to relate. Why give someone like that a gift at all, let alone one that took so long and so much effort to produce?

So I guess it'll be a throw for the home now. Or a blanket for an extra long twin bed...I'm not so good with gauge, I think it is, so it's really long and narrow, easily 8 or 9 feet by about 3. I could always try and sell it, although at 6 years in the making, even at a non-profit arts job pay scale, I'd have to ask a six-figure sum to make it worthwhile.

And there's more where that came from. This blanket is the first in a series of projects I'm feeling motivated to finish now that I'm finally done with school. Stay tuned!


Chrissa said...

Hey, that's beautiful! A whole blanket is a big accomplishment. I have a few projects like that, that I've been picking up and putting down for literally years. Looks like it would be pretty cozy to keep on the couch for chilly nights in front of the TV ...

Becky G. said...

Thanks, Chrissa! Yeah, the more I've worked on it, the better I like the idea of just keeping it around. And although there were gaps in productivity here and there, it was actually nice to have a big project to work on from time to time.