bah humbug...I mean, happy holidays

After almost four days of barely leaving the apartment, thanks to two days of snow followed by a bit of rain and temperatures that resulted in a "flash freeze", I decided to venture out today to do a bit of last-minute Christmas shopping. "Big mistake. Big. Huge!" I went to one store in one strip mall in the delightful town of Braintree, just south of Boston, and spent almost an hour creeping out of the parking lot. That's what I get for trying to cure my stir-craziness.

The good news is I'm completely done with my holiday shopping. The bad news is I'm still waiting for a couple of items from Etsy so none of my packages to family and friends on the west coast will make it out before Christmas day, let alone in time for the holiday. Even my cards will be late, if they make it out at all. I ordered custom note cards from Snapfish, scheduled to arrive by today, and neither Snapfish nor FedEx can tell me where my package is.

Bah humbug, indeed.

At least the tree has been topped. Here are some lovely pics, most of which were taken by Neal a few nights ago, to cheer us all up.

That's better. I guess the silver lining of giving in to being late with gifts and cards this year is that I can relax tomorrow and hopefully the lines at the post office will be shorter on Friday.

In the meantime, have a super holiday!

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