snowed in

Keeping with the traditions of this blog (blogging about birthdays and first snows, for example), I thought I'd post a few pics from the weekend of pretty much non-stop snow we've been enjoying here in Boston. Like last year, this isn't actually the first snow of the season but it is the first significant snow event. Here's an image from the first dusting we received a couple of weeks ago:

All of this snow melted by the end of the day. The snow from this weekend, on the other hand, is likely to stick around for awhile. Here are a couple of images taken from our bedroom window yesterday evening:

And today? It just kept on snowing, adding to the 9 or 10 inches we got yesterday.

Look at that tree! Doesn't it look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book? Anyway, the snow today seemed wetter and by the end of the day had turned to rain. The temperature is well below freezing at the moment, meaning we'll have a pleasant sheet of ice to contend with tomorrow morning.

So what does one do while all that snow is falling? Make ice cream, of course! Actually, Neal makes the ice cream; I eat it. And blog about it. Neal had the brilliant idea to make ice cream inspired by peppermint bark.

Initially I think he was going to make peppermint ice cream with white and dark chocolate pieces but then changed his mind and decided to make the ice cream white chocolate flavored, using this recipe (minus the ginger), and added in candy cane pieces along with the chocolate bits. More like peppermint bark this way. And indeed, it really does taste like the ice cream version of the tasty, seasonal treat. Yum.

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