cha ching

The economy may be in bad shape but I made three whole bucks today! Actually, I've yet to receive payment, but one of my chick flick note cards was purchased, reminding me not only that I have my own Etsy shop but also that Etsy is a great place to go for handmade and vintage Christmas gifts. Within about an hour of browsing I went from having only half of my list figured out to a collection of "favorites" that could easily take care of all holidays and birthdays through 2009.

If it's note cards, crocheted coasters, or latch hook pillows you seek, you know where to go.


Jolina said...

You are a girl after my own heart. I would swear you were my own if I didn't know better! I have wanted cards or stamps that say exactly those things for the longest time. Thank you for saying what I've wanted to put in writing! Love you!!

Becky G. said...

Oh, boy, I could see some of these circulating between you and the the rest of "the girls." Yep, there's no denying we're related :)