assignment consignment

Thanks to a friend and former student of mine, I'm sending this set of coasters

and this set of coasters

to this store, on consignment. They take a lot more than Etsy does but they do a bit better than a gallery and well, let's be honest, they weren't exactly selling like hot cakes anyway.

And that's just about it for my crafty ways until we settle in Oakland since I officially packed up my entire arts & crafts corner today. I have one final project that I'll post later this week (there's a little teaser for you, above) that will also provide a nice segueway to finally write a few words about So You Think You Can Dance, Friday Night Lights, and other recent television obsessions. Hey, a girl's gotta unwind, right?


java diva said...

You crochet much better than I knit!
I'm making some things for your son with that beautiful yarn, but I won't be done until after you move. ;) I hope the project I'm attempting is not harder than I perceive. I have a tendency to tackle something beyond my abilities and end up in tears with my husband laughing at me! :P sigh

Auntie Kay said...

Simply beautiful!!!! Have a safe trip let me know when you get there. I crocheted 10 washcloths and 10 potholders to match from Clermont, FL to Winnemucca, NV. I will post pics of them soon!!