fresh from the Makery: because cheerleaders need a little Etsy love, too

It's Tuesday! Oops! Last week, I came across the leftover fuzzy pink pom poms from this project. With Valentine's Day right around the corner and fresh off the heels of revisiting the Chick Flick Notes, I quickly came up with a couple of projects to use up the rest of the pom poms, beginning with my first "art print" in my paper goods Etsy shop:

When trying to think of a project that would utilize the pom poms I naturally thought of cheerleaders and remembered the cheer from the beginning of the classic chick flick, "Bring It On."  I love that movie. So much.  Anyway, this is what I came up with:

The silhouette and text are printed on matte photo paper using my fancy schmancy 8-color inkjet printer and the pom poms are attached via glue gun. Zots would probably be a more archival solution and I may experiment with those but I worried they wouldn't hold as well.  You can get the print, sans frame, in my Etsy shop.  Colors are customizable (I'm thinking high school/college colors?).

Next I used the same silhouette/pom pom/varsity letters idea and applied it to yet another Valentine's Day card, with a decidedly less snarky message inside.

Pink, and more pink! When did I become so girly?

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