fresh from the Makery: a little lite housekeeping

Okay, maybe this shouldn't count as a new project for the week, but I did reprint some of the Chick Flick Notes that are, once again, in my other shop. So they're kind of new.

Even though the FreshonMondays Etsy shop was started for products that come from Makery projects, regardless of materials used, it's making more sense to me lately that anything graphic design-y or involving paper should go to the RBGColor shop, "design studio and paper crafts" shop that it is, and anything involving felt or other non-paper materials will stay in the FreshonMondays shop. Basically, my scattered web presence is a big branding nightmare. So this is my effort at untangling that presence just a bit. The Chick Flick Notes are now their own category in that shop (you could say I've curated the dozens of quotes a bit...serving suggestions, if you will). I also moved over the Marie Antoinette recycled screenprint proof stationery.

So, anyway, that's that. God forbid I ever edit myself and focus on one thing! That wouldn't be any fun!

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