fresh from the Makery: duct tape and V-day

It's not what you think.  From the sound of this blog title, you're probably expecting something a little kinkier than I'm about to deliver.  I hope you're not too disappointed.

That's right, more sexy stationery! Today I have not one, but two projects to share! And I'm on time!  I was rifling through my craft area in the garage and pulled out some orange glitter and turquoise duct tape.  You'd think orange glitter would be a snap to use up, right? But for some crazy reason I've had a helluva time putting this orange glitter to use, part of the delightful welcome pack I received shortly after signing up on the Fiskateer blog.  I've had the glitter for about a year, maybe a bit longer.  Shortly after receiving the glitter, I was making my weekly visit to Paper Source where I came across this handy dandy "quickie" glue pen (I guess this post is a little kinky).

If all else fails, as I always say, make stationery, right.  Anyway, fast-forward one year and I'm finally putting the two together.

The orange glitter makes me think of oranges, naturally, and with all this love in the air, the timing made me think of the soda pop, Orange Crush, and the result was this card.

The glitter holds pretty well but I may make a second version with a finer glitter.  The whole point of today's projects, however, was to use materials already on-hand, so these will have to do for now.

For my second project I wanted to use some of this bright turquoise duct tape I accidentally purchased awhile back thinking it was more like painter's tape (oops).  I figured somebody's come up with something clever and sure enough, duct tape is one of those surprisingly crafty materials that runs the gamut as far as how folks have put it to use.  I saw a couple of posts on Instructables about duct tape bookmarks, specifically magnetic in nature.

Since I also had on hand a sheet of inkjet magnetic paper leftover from my paper goods shop, I decided to make a magnetic duct tape bookmark for myself.

And I put it in my shop! Hey, why not?  I'm mulling over ways to, you know, make it mine, but for now, the basic version is available.  If you like turquoise. And books. And magnetic things.

Oh, and in case you're wondering what I'm reading in actual book form that requires an actual, magnetic duct tape bookmark? Mary Roach's Bonk. So, yeah, a moderately kinky post, after all. Hey, I do what I can to make your Mondays more bearable. (You're welcome.)

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