wait for it

In my last post, I mentioned spending about half of the traditional work-week since leaving my day job in August with at least one of my two kids. That portion has increased slightly as I'm no longer sending the fourth grader to the after-school program at his school two days a week (long story, partly financial), taking another roughly four hours of my studio time, which is a significant chunk. I'm down to 16-17 hours of kid-free time most weeks during which I manage the household (menu planning, grocery shopping, errand running, cleaning, etc.), hang out with cats (usually just one or two shifts a month now at Cat Town with my regular shift at OAS on Sunday afternoons), and, most importantly, spend time in my studio painting and writing.

It's ludicrous. But it's more time than I had when I was doing all that and working full-time (and it's forced me to continuously refocus my studio efforts which is a good thing given my generalist tendencies). In my last post I also promised a recap of the making I've managed to squeeze in since September 1st but, like me, you're going to have to wait for it. Instead, I wanted to share with you all another phenomenon of having more time with the preschooler in particular and that is: waiting in public bathrooms. Like so many young children who haven't quite mastered the art of going at home before leaving the house, and being one to take her time no matter what she's doing, I've spent a lot of time with little else to do but take a bathroom selfie. So here you go, the top 10 bathroom waiting selfies since summer.

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